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Cancelling an order and refund information

Cancelling an order, trial order, and refund information


Smith Micro understands that things can go wrong when ordering software online or over the phone. Please rest assured that as long as these issues are brought to our attention in a timely fashion, we can resolve most of them as soon as possible! To speed up the refund process, make sure that you have an order number and/or the email address you used to order the software and we can help!

How to cancel a physical shipment order

To cancel an order for a physical product shipment, you will need to contact Customer Service immediately. CLICK HERE to open a support ticket. If the order has not yet shipped, it will be stopped and the full amount credited once you have provided the required details to customer service. If the order has already shipped, then FedEx unfortunately does not provide refunds on their shipping service.

I ordered the wrong software. What can we do?

No problem. The easiest and "cleanest" way to do this is to simply go back and order the correct product, then use the REFUND INFORMATION below to refund the first order. This way, you get the software you need now, and we'll take care of it from there. Make sure that you put both order numbers into the refund request notes and a brief explanation of what happened so that you do not get charged the processing fee for the refund.

Refunding Content from Content Paradise

Refund requests of Content Paradise content worth $25+ per order are refunded back normally. Refund requests under $25 per order are provided as a store credit in the form of a coupon code associated with the Content Paradise account. Content Paradise store credit coupons only apply to the Content Paradise store and only to the account it was created for.

What is a LOD - (Letter of Software Destruction)

The LOD is a one page contract whereby upon completion, you give up your rights to the product. It is required that you complete and submit an LOD for the return of any items, regardless of whether you ever successfully installed the product.

Once you have received the LOD, you will have 30 days from the purchase date to return the LOD in order to receive credit, otherwise you surrender your option of returning the software for credit.

Before the LOD is sent back to us, please make sure to destroy and/or delete the software from all computers along with any documentation and license keys that the software came with.

Returns are subject to a processing fee of $9.95 (unless you are cancelling a trial order before the trial expires).

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