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Making a hair prop with a follicle set from a cloned mesh

Creating a custom hair prop that can be used by other figures involves creating a polygon mesh from which the hair "grows", known as a follicle set. Here's how to make a reusable hair prop from any part of any Poser figure or prop...0. Select the figure on which you'd like to grow the hair, and choose the body part you wish to grow it from.

  1. Using the Grouping Tool, create a new group and add the polygons that you wish to spawn into a follicle set. Click the "Create Prop" button. Delete the group (to avoid adding a new group permanently to that figure's geometry.)
  2. Parent the prop to the appropriate body part. Check this by opening the Hierarchy window and dragging the prop onto the parent body part to adjust the prop's parentage as needed.
  3. Save the prop into the Props library.
  4. Delete the figure and prop. Create a new figure and bring the newly-created prop into the scene. Check position and parenting and adjust as needed.
  5. Using the newly-instantiated and adjusted prop, create a new hair set in the Hair Room. Set up any special coloring, etc., that you want to use. Verify position and parentage.
  6. Add the hair prop into the Hair library. Be sure to select just the base mesh (the prop that you created as a follicle set) and the hair groups, otherwise things can get ugly.
  7. Test the hair prop by creating a new scene, bringing in the appropriate figure, then bringing in the hair prop. ?

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