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Removing sound from a Poser scene

Poser doesn't actually import the entire sound file, it merely copies in a reference to that file's current name and location. Thus, moving or renaming the sound will cause Poser to "lose track" and effectively remove the sound from the scene.?

  1. Save the current scene (with the sound).
  2. Open a new scene; hide Poser.
  3. In Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder, locate and move or rename the sound file used in the Poser scene.
  4. Reveal Poser and open the previously-saved scene file (containing the unwanted sound); Poser will alert you that the saved sound file could not be found. Click OK.
  5. Make a small change to the scene (move a camera, go to a different frame, etc.) Save the scene.
  6. The sound won't reappear in the Poser scene, even if you undo the changes you made to its name or location. ?

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