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Issues with Software Purchased from the Mac App Store

Issues with Software Purchased from the Mac App Store



Smith Micro offers various software through Apple's App Store, such as StuffIt, Poser, and Anime Studio. If you are having issues with any of these Smith Micro products that you obtained through the App Store, please see below for troubleshooting steps.


Download or Installation Fails

The process of downloading and subsequent automatic installation of programs obtained through the App Store is all handled by the App Store itself. If anything goes wrong anywhere during this phase, such as the download is incomplete, the installation process does not finish thus resulting in the application not starting up, or the App Store crashes in the middle of everything, then please follow these steps to resolve this issue.

1) Go to your Applications directory and delete the Smith Micro program you were attempting to download and install, if it is there. If you cannot find that application, then skip to the following step.

2) Launch the App Store

3) Click on the PURCHASES tab at the top of the App Store

4) Download the program again from the program's entry on the list

This will tell the App Store to redownload and reinstall the program onto your system.

If the App Store is crashing during this process, then you may want to send your crash logs to Apple, since it is the App Store that is crashing when attempting to download and install the application. You can do this when the "Unexpected Quit" alert comes up by clicking on REPORT > SEND TO APPLE.


Troubleshooting Issues when Using the Program

If you were able to properly download and install the program, but now you are encountering issues with the actual usage of the program, then the first thing to do is ensure that the issues are not a result of a bad installation. Follow the four steps from the previous section (Download or Installation Fails) to uninstall and reinstall the program.

If you are still encountering the same issue after uninstalling and reinstalling the program, then the second thing to do is to either review the program's manual (available under the program's HELP menu) to ensure that you are using the program correctly, or check the other Knowledge Base articles on this support site to see if this issue is already covered in another article or not.

If, after reviewing the manual and the other Knowledge Base articles, you are still not able to resolve the issue, then please contact the Smith Micro support team with the details of this issue by logging into this support portal and opening a support ticket. Additionally, if you receive any error reports, such as from crashes or other unexpected quits, please send this to us using the send report option in the error so that we can investigate the cause of the error.


Questions About Purchasing or Refunds

The purchasing process is handled solely by Apple through the App Store. If you are having trouble making a purchase through the App Store, please contact the Apple Store support team.

Similarly, refunds for purchases made through the App Store are handled solely by Apple. If you would like to return a product purchased from the App Store for a refund, then please contact the App Store for their refund procedures.

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