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StuffIt 15 keeps asking for the serial number every time the program is opened



If your StuffIt 15 keeps asking you for a serial number every time you start up the program rather than remembering it, then you will want to make sure you have the latest free update patch for your StuffIt 15. If you are still having trouble after applying the update patch, then likely your permissions are extremely strict, and you will need to either loosen your security settings or you would need to manually bypass it.


Getting the Update Patches

As of this writing, the most current StuffIt 15 patch is 15.0.7 for both StuffIt (standard) 15 and StuffIt Deluxe 15. Please patch your copy of the program to the appropriate 15.0.7 update (making sure that you don't accidentally get the standard update if you're using Deluxe, or vice versa) at:



Still Not Working?

If the serial number isn't being saved even after you apply the update and reserialize the program, then that is typically caused by a security issue on your operating system, and usually only effects the standard version of StuffIt 15. Your security permissions are set to a state where it is preventing StuffIt from writing a file to save the serial number to. If StuffIt can't write that file and save that serial number permanently, then that means the next time you start up the program, it has no way to "remember" what the serial number was from last time, and so it will keep asking you for a serial number every time you open the program.

You will either need to change your security settings so that it is not so stringent, or you can manually create the folder that your OS is preventing StuffIt from creating. If you'd like to go with the second option, then use Finder to go to your


directory. Likely you do not have a "Smith Micro" folder there, because your security is preventing StuffIt from creating the Smith Micro folder there. So go ahead and create a new folder inside of Application Support and name it:

Smith Micro

Make sure to name it exactly that. You will likely be asked for your account password when you attempt this. After you have created the "Smith Micro" folder, start up StuffIt and serialize it again. This time, it ought to be able to save the serial number permanently (at least, as permanent as any file on your computer gets).

But note that this is just a workaround for your high security settings. You might continue to encounter a similar issue with other programs as well if you continue to keep your security settings at such a level.


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