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Serial number is not working OR my software is in demo mode

Serial number is not working OR my software is in demo mode



Most of Smith Micro's software needs to be "activated" before you can actually use it. Sometimes you may receive limited time trial warnings until you activate it. During the installation of our software you will see that it ask you for your name, organization, and a serial number. Inserting this serial number is what "activates" the software.


Where do I find the serial number?

If you got to this point and either did not know what to put in this box or you put it in and it did not work and continued the installation anyway, then the software will either be in DEMO mode or it will not run at all. This is easy to resolve however. If you purchased this in a store or had us send you the disc (rather than download it) then the white sleeve or the plastic casing that originally held the disc will have a sticker with this code on it.

If you downloaded the software from our website, then either the email we sent or the link we sent you will have this number in it. So, the next time your run the software and it states that you are in DEMO mode or that it's expired, click the button that says "Enter Serial/Registration number" and insert this code at this time.


I have it but it's not taking!


Make sure to enter the serial JUST AS YOU SEE IT! If it's in all CAPS then type it in this way. If there are dashes in the number PUT THE DASHES in when you type the serial number in.

Carefully check that there are NO SPACES in the serial. Make sure that there aren't any extra spaces at the beginning, middle or end of the serial BEFORE clicking SAVE or CONTINUE.


Graphics software details


These serial numbers NEVER include the letters O or I (oh or eye). Anything resembling an O in a serial is a ZERO (0) or a ONE (1). The serial number must also include the dashes (-) between the groups of characters. Use the regular hyphen key, between the zero and the equal sign keys.

When CAPITALIZING the letters in the serial number, please make sure to use the SHIFT key, not the CAPS LOCK key, as this can sometimes cause issues.


Still no luck?

If you have tried all of the above, but STILL cannot get your serial number to work with your graphics product, please contact a Smith Micro technician here. When contacting us regarding this issue, please make sure that you include the following in your incident/email.

Operating System and Version Number

Use a digital camera or scanner and attach an

1. Image of the receipt
2. Image of the back of the Disk Sleeve/Case Displaying the Serial Number
3. Image of the Front of the Disk

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