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Installing new Poser content purchased from Content Paradise

Install Poser Content



In General, installing Poser Content involves Downloading, Installing or Extracting the Files to the Desired Location or placing them in the desired Runtime. Installing Content on your computer, you have a few options.

NOTE: For Content to work correctly in Poser, Poser Files files (CR2, HR2, PP2, PZ2, etc...) must be placed in the correct folders and references to the supporting files (OBJ, Textures, Morph Data Files, etc...) in the Poser Files must be maintained. Failure to maintain this relation can result in the content not working.

NOTE: Some products have an installer or contain special instructions about the location. Always check the Readme for special notes on useage. Most items have a link in the Store Page to the Readme at Content Paradise.


Install Content directly from the Download

Download from the Content Tab in Poser and the Product and Save to Disk.


Install Content you Downloaded

If you choose the Save to Disk option above or if you use your Browser and Download to your Hard drive you can use the Install from Zip Archive button in the Content Tab to Install.

This also works for other Zip Files that are downloaded from other sources, provided they have Full Paths.


Other Install Options

Using your Browser or the Content Tab, Download to your Hard drive and use a Zip Extraction Utility such as Stuffit or the built in Extraction Utility of your Operating System to Extract the Files using Full Path option to the desired Runtime.

PhilC offers UNZIP for Free, which is a Python Script that allows you an alternative for installing from within Poser.


MAC Users not using Install from Zip Archive in the Content Tab...


NOTE: MAC Users.. you must use a Program like Stuffit, which has an option to Merge into existing Files to Extract Zip Files into exsisting Runtimes.

NEVER Move any Folders with the same Name into another. Your MAC will overwrite the Folders and Files in the Destination Location of any Folder that has the same name.


Where is the Content....

You installed the content, but it does not appear in your Runtime... a couple of things to check...

If a Product includes a Parent Folder in the Path included in the Zip, you will need to Move the Runtime Folder from that Parent Folder to the desired Location. Rules about Moving for MAC Users still apply.

You installed the content, but it does not appear in the scene when adding using the Library Thumbnails....

Make sure you have the needed file in the Scene and that you have it selected as the Current Figure. Content in the Pose Library works on a the supported Character or Prop. You need to have that in the scene first.

You installed the content, applied it to the supported Figure or Prop, but you do not see the any change or an unexpected change.

Some Morphs will add Dials that you then must manipulate to apply the Morph. Some Morphs or Characters require other Morphs to be applied to the Figure first.

Some Textures or Material Settings may not appear until Final Render is done. Make sure you set your Render Settings appropriate for the Materials (Use Displacement, Raytrace Bounces using FireFly Render Engine)


Other Content

Content sold by other Content Creators will work in Poser. Most use a Zip File and the installation process is using the Install from Zip Archive or using a Compression Utility to extract.

Some Content uses Installers. Follow the Prompts to install this Content, making sure you select the desired Runtime.

Items that do not contain full paths for installation will not properly install into Poser, unless you manually place the files.

NOTE: Always check the Product Readme for more information on installing content if these steps do not work.

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