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Manga Studio 4 installation for Windows

Manga Studio 4 installation for Windows Download



This article will help you through the steps of Installing and Setting up Manga Studio 4 correctly.


Software Delivery

There are two versions of Manga Studio, Debut and EX

Debut you will have the following Files when Downloaded


EX will have the following Files when Downloaded.


Download the Files to a Location on your Computer, such as your Desktop.

NOTE: You will want to Back Up these Files for your Archive Copy of your Download Program.


Installation folders

Run the EXE Files (MSDB40x.exe/MSEX40x.exe) from your Desktop to extract the Installer from the Self Extracting Compressed File. Once this is done, you will have the following Folders on your Desktop...

For Debut

For EX


Installing your software

Once extracted, the Install Screen will automatically appear. Follow the Prompts to install the Program.


Installing Computones (for Manga Studio 4 EX only)

Once Manga Studio is installed, Double Click on MS4CT.exe to Extract the Computones to your Desktop. You will have a Folder MS4CT on your Desktop and a Prompt will appear asking you to locate the Computones Resource. Select the MS4CT Folder on your Desktop and follow the Prompts.



Installing Materials

Launch MANGA STUDIO from the Desktop Icon or from your Start Menu. This will start Manga Studio and bring up a Prompt to Install Materials. Click the Install From Folder Button

Select the MSDB40x/MSEX40x Folder on your Desktop (the 40x will be your Download Version Number. Image shows Version 4.01)

and follow the Prompts. The materials installation routine will take a good while, let it complete. Click FINISH once installation is complete.


A note on the included Sample Data

There is no "installation" for the Sample Data.
You will have a Sample Data folder once you have extracted it. You can place this folder in your

c:\ Program Files\Smith Micro\MangaStudio EX 4E

directory to easily locate it again. Inside each of the folders you will see a file with a name like


Double click this file and the story will load in to MS 4 for your viewing.


Bonus Content

Once you Register your Program here <> you will qualify to download the free content.

MS4 EX Downloading the Bonus Content
Go to http://mysmithmicro.com/mangaexcontent to register your Software and receive the link to download the Bonus Content

MS4 Debut Downloading the Bonus Content
Go to http://mysmithmicro.com/mangacontent to register your Software and receive the link to download the Bonus Content.

Please see the section toward the bottom of this article for information about using your Bonus Content.


Installing your Bonus Content Pack for MS 4

Unzip the included archive to your hard drive. Move this folder to your MY DOCUMENTS folder.
Launch Manga Studio EX 4.0
Open the Materials palette and select 'Material' - 'User'
From the Materials palette menu, select the 'Show Menu' icon (the icon on the far right) and select 'Import' - 'Folder'.
Browse to the "EX_Content_Pack" folder and select it.
Select OPEN

The folder contents will be added to the Materials palette view window.
Double click on the folder to access the templates.


Unzip the included archive to your hard drive.
Launch Manga Studio EX 4.0
To create a new page, Select File > New > Page and click "OK" once the page settings are to your liking.
To import a 3D OBJ into Manga Studio EX, Select File > Import > 3D File. Browse to your 3D OBJ unzipped archive on your hard drive. Select your 3D OBJ and click on "Open".
To quickly adjust the size of the object, click on the "Auto Adjust" icon(rectangular icon on the Properties palette).
You can now rotate, enlarge or adjust other 3D settings from within the 3D Workspace Properties Dialog. When you're satisfied with your changes, select 'Rendering' to render your image. If you would like to re-adjust the "flattened" image you can double click the "3D Workspace" layer in the Layers Palette to re-open the layer properties for your 3D OBJ and alter your settings.



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