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Why aren't my files getting smaller with StuffIt?

Why aren't my files getting smaller with StuffIt?



A lot of files these days are already compressed like MP3, MP4, MOV, PDF, AI, files and many more. If the program that makes those files compresses them as well, there won't be a lot of juice to squeeze from the fruit.


So what can I do?

Let's say that we have a couple of pictures that we want to send. Well, it's 22MB in size and your email can only take up to 10MB and compressing it only got it down to 18MB.? So,?instead we're going to Compress it AND Segment it! We'll create 2 compressed files that are 9 MB a piece THEN email those 2 pieces. Then the recipient simply needs to put HUMPTY DUMPTY back together again and they can share in those family photos with us!


I don't want to send a bunch of files. Is there any other way?

Sure! You can use the latest Send Stuff Now service!? This allows you to upload and send?your files quickly, easily, and securely.? CLICK HERE?to learn more about Send Stuff Now!

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