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Manga Studio 4 materials will not install

Manga Studio 4 materials will not install - Windows



You might see a "This is not a Manga Studio material" error message when attempting to install your Manga Studio 4 materials. If you are on the Windows platform and have already followed?, but are still getting this error message, then this article will cover how to resolve this.


You Installation file size is not correct


The download file for Manga Studio Debut 4 is named MSDB401.exe and is about 197MB. The download file for Manga Studio EX 4 is named MSEX401.exe and is about 697MB. If the file that you download is smaller than these file sizes, then your file did not completely download and this is why the materials do not install correctly.

Uninstall Manga Studio using the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility lcoated in the Control Panel, then delete your existing MSDB401.exe or MSEX401.exe file as well as the MSDB401 or MSEX401 folders on your desktop. Then download a fresh copy of the .exe installer from your download link. If your new file is the correct file size, then run the .exe file and the MSDB401 or the MSEX401 folder will be created on your desktop. Reinstall the program, and the materials should now install properly.

If your file is still not the correct size, please? ?to read this article regarding the use of a download manager.

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