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Stuffit Error Codes and how to fix them

StuffIt Error Codes and how to fix them



Most errors you get using StuffIt Expander occur because either the program is not installed properly or there is a problem with the file that you are trying to open.


17514 - The StuffIt Engine was unable to determine the file format

This ALWAYS means that the file you are attempting to open is NOT a compressed file. StuffIt can typically only open .ZIP, .SIT, .SITX, and some non-segmented .RAR files (There are others but these are the main ones). StuffIt can NOT open most EXE or BIN files (More info on this below).


17540 / 17535 The archive data is corrupt / an error occured within the specified format

The file you are trying to open IS an archive that StuffIt understands but the file itself is broken and can NOT be opened. It would be like receiving a box from FedEx and the contents were damaged. There isn't anything that can fix this. You can ATTEMPT to "view" the archive in Archive Manager (StuffIt Deluxe only) so that you can see the contents of the file and try to pull out what you can. But there isn't much that can be done except to have the sender of this file COMPRESS the original file again and resend it to you.


17507 - The password in invalid (You can also get -1 or -78)

The archive you are trying to open is password-protected. That means that though you have the file itself, you will need a password from the person who made it to open it. This keeps files protected from those folks that are not supposed to have the file. So, if it is intended for you, please contact that person who gave it to you for the password to "unlock it". If you do not have an expansion utility that supports encrypted (password protected) files,to download our FREE Expander program

17530 - A folder was specified when a file was required

StuffIt Expander can only OPEN archives. It is not used to CREATE .ZIP or .SITX files. This will come up if Expander thinks you are tring to make an archive with Expander. IF YOU HAVE A PAID version of StuffIt, you wil need to use either DropStuff (Mac) or start StuffIt (Winows) to create your own archives. If you don't own StuffIt, you can purchase your very own copy of StuffIt HERE! You'll be making your own archives in no time!


17543 - The archive is newer than the engine supports

For example, the file you received was made in StuffIt 12 but you have a much older version of StuffIt like StuffIt 8. You will need to upgrade your version of StuffIt to be able to open this.to learn how to upgrade. If you ONLY own the free StuffIt Expander then you can get the latest version of StuffIt Expander by . (If you have paid for StuffIt in the past, DO NOT UPDATE JUST EXPANDER. This will break the older version that you have. You'll need to upgrade the WHOLE paid package that you have to continue working properly).


17999 - Bug in the StuffIt Engine

This typically means that either your StuffIt installation is bad OR the version of StuffIt you have is NOT supported on your particular version of Operating System. To verify you have the proper version of StuffIt for your machine, first. Then to learn to UNINSTALL StuffIt,.


Other StuffIt Error codes

Didn't find your particular error here. for the full list of error codes.


CAB, BIN, EXE, MIME, segmented RAR, SEAs, and .PF files

NOTE: If StuffIt Expander can NOT open a specific file AND/OR you get error 17999, 17540, 17536, or 17514 then this file type is not supported by StuffIt and there is nothing that Smith Micro can do to open these.

CAB, BIN, EXE, and MIME file types are typically files that are designed for Windows only and ARE NOT archives. They usually are there to help programs run proplery or to install Windows only files. StuffIt CAN NOT OPEN THESE! StuffIt can only open these types of files IF StuffIt was made to make them. An EXE file is an installer file for Windows only. So, even IF StuffIt could open an EXE file, it wouldn't do you any good on a Mac.

RAR files are proprietary to another company's format similar to how only StuffIt can open SITX files. So, StuffIt will try it's best but cannot open all of these types of files.

PF files are ANCIENT files (over 15 years old) and are no longer supported by StuffIt. While these were made with another program made by Allume WAY BACK IN THE DAY, StuffIt no longer supports them.

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