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Creating Archives in StuffIt for Windows

Creating Archives in StuffIt for Windows



Stuffit for Windows helps you compress ZIP and SITX files. Being simple to use is what we focus on when building Stuffit for our customers!? ?if you are having troubles getting the software to install properly.


Setting Up the Board

The first thing you will want to do, simply to make your life easier, is right-click on your Windows Desktop and select NEW > FOLDER (1). Name the folder something you will recognize and CAPITALIZE all of the letters in this name so that you can easily spot it (like MY ARCHIVES) (2). Take the file that you want to create an archive from and place it in this new folder.


Click START > (all PROGRAMS > SMITH MICRO > open STUFFIT and make sure that you are in the START tab at the top. Click NEW ARCHIVE in the WIZARDS sectioin to start the process of creating your archive.


Finding Players

After clicking NEW ARCHIVE, this window will appaer. Click on ADD ITEMS and browse to the file that you want to archive. After selecting your file click ADD and then click OK to see the item placed in your list.


Announcing the Rules

When you get to this screen, click on the "..." button to the right of the LOCATION textbox (1). Browse to the new folder you have created (DESKTOP > NEW FOLDER) and click OK. That will take you back to this screen and the location of the NEW FOLDER will be listed in the LOCATION textbox. Click on the Format dropdown menu and select the format that you want to compress in (either StuffIt X or Zip) (2). After you have made that selection, click NEXT.


Playing the Game

In this next screen, you have the option of creating the archive now, or scheduling to create this archive later. RUN NOW is the default selection, so we will leave this alone and click NEXT. You will see the STUFFIT ARCHIVE PROGRESS window appear (pictured below). This will show you the progress StuffIt has made in creating your archive and give you an ESTIMATED TIME of completion.


Check Mate!

After the archive is created, this window will appear. Click FINISH to close this window. Your new archive will be located in the NEW FOLDER you created in the first step!


This still isn't small enough or I need more information on Stuffit

?to get to the advanced options and information on Stuffit.

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