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Changing Language Settings in Anime Studio 6

Changing Language Settings in Anime Studio 6



The latest updates for Anime Studio 6 allows the application to display in English, French, or German. If you desire to change the language setting to another of these three supported languages, please see the appropriate section for your operating system below.



1) Close out of Anime Studio 6.

2) Go to your Anime Studio 6 application, normally located in your Macintosh HD > Applications > Anime Studio directory.

3) Right-click (CTRL+click) on the Anime Studio 6 application and select GET INFO.


4) In the resulting Anime Studio Info box, go to the LANGUAGES section and check your desired language. Uncheck the languages you do not wish to use in Anime Studio 6.

5) Close the Info box and restart Anime Studio 6.



1) Within Anime Studio 6, go to the EDIT > PREFERENCES menu.


2) In the resulting window, go to the LANGUAGE dropdown list and select the desired language.

3) Click on the OK button to save your settings.

4) Exit out of Anime Studio and restart it.

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