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Working with Files - Adding Files from the Files Page

SendStuffNow - Working with Files - Adding Files from the Files Page


Adding Files from the Files Page

After you log in to your account, you will be taken directly to the Files page. You can navigate to the Files page from other places on the SendStuffNow site by clicking the Files link in the upper right section.

Note: If you close your browser before logging out, you can access the Files page from the SendStuffNow home page by clicking the View My Files button.

When you first sign up, your Files list will be empty. To add files:
Click the +Add File button.


Use the Browse button to select the file that you want to upload. You can repeat this step to add additional files, which will then be combined into a single ZIP file. The name of the selected file or ZIP package will then appear in a list. If sending multiple files, you can rename from the default name of My Package.zip before sending.


Enter the following information for the file you want to upload:
1) Description of files: Enter a description for the file or ZIP package you are going to share. This description will appear on all Invites that are sent.
2) Password (and Confirm Password): (Optionally) Enter a password that will be required to view the file.
Passwords are case-sensitive.

Note: It is very important that you do not lose this password. Smith Micro CANNOT recover your files if you forget your password.

The password is permanently assigned to this File and will be required for all future Invites to this File.

You will need to communicate the password to your recipient(s) separately. For security, SendStuffNow does not include the file password in the Invite notification email.


You can optionally create an Invitation to your shared File. If you skip this step, you can create Invitations later, as described in Sending New Invites .

1) Invite new people to view shared file: Enter the email addresses of those that you want to share the files with.

2) Send to me too: Check this option if you want a copy of the invitation sent to the email address that you used when configuring your SendStuffNow account.

3) Message to recipients: Enter additional information about the file or package that you are sending. This will be included in the invitation email that is sent.

4) This invitation will expire: Choose when the download link will expire. Choices are 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, or a date that you define by choosing a date from a popup calendar.

5) Click Save. Your file is uploaded to the SendStuffNow server and sends invitations to the recipient.
the recipient.

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