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Managing Your Invites

SendStuffNow - Managing Invites


Managing Invites

After you create a share, you can use the Actions buttons for any item in the Files list to send additional invites or modify the invites as follows:


Sending New Invites

To send a new invite, click the Invite button in the Actions column of the share that you want to modify. The Add Invites page will prompt you to enter the email address(es) of the recipients, a message, and an expiration time. You can also check the Send to me too option to send a copy of the invite to your email address


Changing Existing Invites

Reset: This button appears after an Invite has expired. Click this button to open a pop-up calendar that allows you to set a new expiration date.


You will be allowed to choose In 1) One Day, 2) In One Week, 3) In One Month, or a calendar date. An option at the bottom of the calendar also allows you to resend an invitation.

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