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Managing Your Contacts

SendStuffNow - Contacts


The Contact Page

Click the Contacts link in the upper right section of the Web interface to open the Contacts page. Here you can add, import, or maintain the names and email addresses of the people that you share your files with.


Managing Contacts

The Contacts page consists of the following fields and sections:

1) Name: Used when you want to add a contact to your contact list. Add the recipient?s name in this field.
2) Email: Used when you want to add a contact to your contact list. Add the recipient?s email address in this field.
3) Add Contact: Press this button to add the name and email address entered into your contact list.
4) Import Contacts: Most email programs allow you to export your email contact lists into a .TXT or .CSV (comma separated value) list. Press this button to open the Import Contacts page, which allows you to select the file that has been exported from your email program. After you locate the file, click the Import button to import the contacts into your SendStuffNow account.


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1) Browse section: As your contact list grows, you can use the Browse list to display all or some of the names in your contact list. Names are sorted alphabetically by the name entered in the Name field). The Browse section highlights any letter where names in your contact list begin with that letter. Click a highlighted letter to display the names that begin with that letter, or click the All link to display all names. The 0-9 field allows you to select names that begin with a number.
Contact List: Each contact in your contact list displays the following information:
2) Name: The name you entered for the contact
3) Email: The email address entered for the contact
4) Edit: Click the Edit button in the Actions column to edit the contact information. You will be able to update name or email address information.
5) Delete: Click the Delete button to delete the contact from your contact list. You will be asked to confirm your decision.

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