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Managing Your Account

SendStuffNow - Account


The Account page

Click the Account link in the upper right section of the Web interface to open the Account page. On this page, you can view and update account information, upgrade your SendStuffNow account to a higher level, and more.


Account Settings

Your account settings appear on the left side of the page. To edit these settings, click the Edit Account Settings button located beneath your account information. The Edit Account page appears, with the following fields:


Editing Account Settings

1) Name: Update the name assigned to your account in this field.
2) Email: Update your email address in this field.
3) Password/Confirm Password: Use these fields to change your password.
4) Compress Single Files: Check this option if you want to compress single files into ZIP or SITX format by default.
5) Default Compression Format: When you upload multiple files at once, or if the Compress Single Files option is checked above, SendStuffNow automatically adds them to a compressed file that helps conserve storage space and reduce download time. Check either the ZIP or SITX radio button to select the default file format that you want to use.
6) Signature for Invitation Emails: If you want to add a personal signature to your invitation emails (such as company name or contact information), you can add the information here.

After you make your choices and edit the information, click 7) Save to save your new settings. You can also click 8) Cancel to return to the Accounts page.


Upgrading Your Account

The Account page displays your current level of membership and shows higher account levels. To upgrade to a higher level, click the Upgrade button that appears beneath the level you want to upgrade to.

For example, if you have a?Trial account and click the Upgrade button below the Premium Account feature list, the Upgrade to a Premium Account page appears, and asks you for the following information:

1) First Name/Last Name: Enter the name you want to use on your account.
2) Address (separate fields with street, city, state, and zip code): Enter the address associated with the credit card you will be using.
3) Phone Number: Enter your phone number.
4) Credit Card Number: Enter credit card number.
5) Expiration Date: Enter credit card expiration date.
6) Membership Level Drop-down list: defaults to the membership level you selected when you clicked on the button to enter the page. You can switch to a different membership level by selecting from the drop-down list.

After entering the required information, click the 7) Agree and 8) Sign Up button. Your will receive an acknowledgement email that your account will be upgraded.

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