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Drag and Drop Not Working In Anime Studio 7

Drag and Drop not working in Anime Studio 7



A recent update to Flash Player 10 for the MAC Operating Systems has resulted in the Drag and Drop to no longer function from the embedded Library in Anime Studio 7. Currently the only option for Anime Studio is to Roll Back your Flash to Flash Player 9 until an update is available for those that want to take advantage of the Drag and Drop from the Library.

NOTE: The Double click adding from the Library is not impacted by this issue.


Roll Back to Flash 9

If you do not wish to have the Library in a Floating Separate Window of Safari, you can Un install Flash 10 and install the latest Flash 9 Player, which will allow the Drag and Drop to function from within Anime Studio 7Library.

NOTE: If you have a software package that requires Flash 10, you may not be able to use this method. You must also be aware of any website that prompts you to install Flash 10.


To Roll Back to Flash Player 9, first CLICK HERE to download the uninstaller for Flash Player for your specific Operating System.


Next CLICK HERE to download and install the latest version of Flash Player 9 for your specific Operating System. This version includes all the security fixes in the latest version of Flash 10.


You can turn off the Library Window in Anime Studio by unchecking the Library in the Window Menu, giving yourself more real estate for the other tools when using the browser as your Library.

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