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Anime Studio Serial Number Could Not Be Saved

Anime Studio Serial Number Could Not Be Saved

Anime Studio Serial Number Could Not Be Saved



On Mac systems, an error message may appear after entering the serial number for Anime Studio stating that the serial number could not be saved. If this occurs, it means that either an Administrator account is not being used to enter the serial number or the proper permissions are not set with your account that will allow the computer to remember the serial number.


How do I know if I am using an Administrator account?

You must be using an Administrator account to save the serial number to Anime Studio. You can check to see if you are using an "Admin" account by going to your Apple menu in the top left of your screen, selecting SYSTEM PREFERENCES, and clicking ACCOUNTS. In the Accounts window that appears, if the account you are using is shows with the title "Admin" underneath, then you are using an Administrator account. If the account you are using does not have this title, logout of the account and use an Administrator account on your system.


Already using an Admin account? Now it is time to check your Permissions setting.

Open a Finder window and go to your Mac HD. Click once on the Library folder to highlight it, but do not open the folder. Next press the "Command" and "i" keys on your keyboard to bring up the Get Info window for your Library folder.


Check the Sharing & Permissions section at the bottom of the window. If your User account is not listed here, you will need to add it. Click on the "Lock" icon at the bottom right to unlock and edit this list. Then click on the "Plus-Sign" icon at the bottom left to bring up the list of accounts available. Find your account and add it!


My account is there. What Permissions setting do I need?

Once your account is on the list, the Privileges need to be set at "Read & Write." Click the pull-down option next to your account's Privilege and select "Read & Write."


Last step!

The last step is to apply the same Permissions settings to all of the folders inside the Library folder. Click on the "Gear" icon and select "Apply to enclosed items..."

Once you have finished reseting your Permissions, you can open up your Anime Studio application and enter your serial number!

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