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Manga Studio 4 - Disk Is Not Inserted Into the CD Drive Error Message

Manga Studio 4 "Disc Is Not Inserted Into the CD Drive" Error Message


If you receive an error message similar to this when you attempt to unlock Manga Studio 4 with its serial number, then that means you likely have a physical disc version of the program and with it a serial number for that physical version of the program.


Installing and Serializing Manga Studio 4

If you do own a physical disc copy of Manga Studio 4 and its associated physical version serial number, then you absolutely need to have the disc in the disc drive in order to unlock the program. A download version of the program will not work, as your physical version serial number is still the same, and is still for a physical disc version, and as such the program will still require that you insert your installation disc into the disc drive while serializing the program.

If you do not have a disc drive on your computer, then you will need to use something like a USB disc drive to temporarily connect to your computer to serialize the program with.


Serializing After Installing the Update Patch on Macintosh

On a Macintosh system, if you just installed the latest update patch for your Manga Studio 4 and this error message comes up even though the installation disc is already in the disc drive, then this means you have not ejected your update patch's disk image yet. The update patch comes in a DMG disk image file, which as the name implies is for all intents and purposes viewed the same as a CD or DVD by your Mac. So if both the disk image and the real installation disc are on your system at the same time, then it is possible that the incorrect one of the two will be read as the installation disc, thus giving you the error message despite having your CD or DVD already in the drive.

All you have to do is make sure you Eject your disk image file for the update patch first. That way, the only "disc" that your Mac now sees is the actual installation disc, and not the disk image.


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