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Installing aftermarket or Third Party Content into Poser

Please consult the Readme for each product for any special instructions on use or installation.

​Poser Archives (ZIP Files with Runtime as the top folder) can be added to any Library linked to Poser using the File Menu command, Install from ZIP Archive to add the content to the selected Library.

​Poser includes two Libraries when installed. The Main Library

Poser 11 Content

​and the Downloads Library


​It is recommended that you keep content in the same Library that requires other content.

​Other options include

Installers (EXE or DMG/PKG files)
​Non Poser Archive Packaging (Top folder is not Runtime in the ZIP)
Non Poser Content...

​Poser supports import of various file types. They can be used in Poser, but are imported using the application File Menu, Import option. This includes Mesh Files, Image Files, Audio Files, BVH Files, etc...

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