P&G Support

Store and Technical Support

Support Hours

Support. Support Hours are Monday - Friday: 08:00 AM ET - 03:30 PM PT (Except Holidays) Saturday - Sunday: Closed Request for support after hours will be assigned the next business day. Generally, cases ar...

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First Contact to Support

To provide the best possible support, please read the following. Please provide the following: ​For Presales ​Product Name and Product Page URL (Web Address) Your Operating System version ​For Store Support ...

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Confirm email/Create a Support Account

When you Register or Contact Support using your email, a Support Account is created. You will also receive a Confirm email link when the account is created. If you do not respond in a limited time, your account...

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Screen Shots

To take Screen Shots... On Windows, use Snipping Tool (Windows Vista and later) and save as PNG or JPG. On Mac, use Command+Shift+4 for a sectional Screen Shot saved to the Desktop .

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No Email Received

If you can not locate the email in your SPAM Folder, you can access the Direct Links from the Order Details in your Store Account created at our Content Paradise Store linked to the email address used for the o...

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Empty Cart/No Cart Page

If the Cart is showing empty or you are sent to the Home Page when adding something to your cart, try using your Operating System Browser. The Operating System Browser should resolve the issue without having t...

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