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Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio Knowledge Base

Obtaining Support

We no longer provide support for Clip Studio Paint or Manga Studio. CELSYS provides technical support for copies of CLIP STUDIO PAINT / Manga Studio purchased from Smith Micro. Although CELSYS is a Japanese co...

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Obtaining Updates

We no longer offer the latest Updates for Clip Studio Paint or Manga Studio. You will want to contact CELSYS for the Full Installers as a download. CELSYS provides updated full installers for copies of CLIP S...

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Activation Issues

Smith Micro has no access or control for Activation Issues with the Clip Studio Paint or Manga Studio applications. CLIP STUDIO PAINT 's online license activation system is operated by CELSYS. If you have issue...

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CSP/MS5 Same

Manga Studio 5 is now Clip Studio Paint . The two application titles had always shared the same features, function, and performance. Only the Title and Activation Process is different. The two Titles have now b...

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