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Stuffit Error Codes

Stuffit Error Codes


Stuffit for the Macintosh will let you know when there's a problem. Below is a list of errors you may get when using Stuffit.

Stuffit Error Codes for Macintosh

17501 The user has canceled an operation.
17502 Duplicate file name.
17503 Version information is not available.
17504 The type of file was not what was expected. Can not SEA an SEA
17505 Stuffit is already working on something else
17506 The registration code is invalid.
17507 The password is invalid.
17508 The archive is damaged.
17509 An attempt to acquire an ArchiveObjectRef failed.
17510 The archive is known but the current operation doesn't support it.
17511 The version of the archive is newer than the engine can work with.
17512 Requested ArchiveObjectRef is not in the archive.
17513 Requested attribute does not exist for ArchiveObjectRef.
17514 The StuffIt Engine was unable to determine the file format.
17515 Attempt to create a SEA for an unsupported platform.
17516 The StuffIt Engine was unable to find any plugins.
17517 The archive is already open.
17518 The archive is not open.
17519 The format does not support conversion.
17520 The format does not support compression.
17521 The attempt to recover the contents of an archive failed.
17522 A StringRef was not created: the string failed to be converted to UniCode.
17523 A folder is expected instead of a file or vice versa.
17524 There is not enough memory to perform the operation.
17525 There is not insufficient stack to perform the operation.
17526 There is not insufficient disk space to perform the operation.
17527 Insufficient priviledges.
17528 Failed to add self extracting.
17529 Failed to remove self extracting.
17530 A folder was specified when a file was required.
17531 Requested attribute is not available.
17532 Attribute cannot be changed.
17533 ArchiveObjectList contains items from multiple archives.
17534 Destination provided for move or copy is invalid.
17535 Archive was compressed with an unknown compression method.
17536 An I/O error occurred.
17537 The archive format is corrupt.
17538 The archive data is corrupt.
17539 The archive did not have a return receipt.
17540 An error occured within the specified format.
17541 An operation was performed on an archive opened in the incorrect mode.
17542 The transaction was cancelled because the archive is no longer open.
17543 The archive is newer than the engine supports.
17544 The source file is greater than 2GB.
17545 The archive does not contain any encrypted content.
17546 The archive format does not support verifying passwords.
17547 A file was specified where a folder required.
17548 The ArchiveObjectListRef does not contain any objects.
17549 The index is out of range.
17550 The shared library was not found.
17551 Requested engine property is not available.
17552 A name conflict occurred while creating segments..
17553 The requested data tag was not found in the context.
17554 The data could not be extracted from the context.
17555 Unknown meta information was found in the archive.
17556 An unknown file attribute was found in the archive.
17557 An unknown algorithm was used to compress data in the archive.
17558 The requested fork was not found in the archive object.
17559 CRC mismatch in sitx with compressed jpeg.
17998 The operation is unsupported.
17999 Unspecified StuffIt Engine Internal Error -for uninstall/reinstall instructions

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