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Support Policies


Support for Retail Products

Smith Micro limits the length of time during which support services are provided for all retail products. Retail products are defined as those which have been purchased directly from Smith Micro or authorized retail stores. Support is limited to the two most recent versions of any software package. There are two support options for each product:

1. Support Knowledge Base - Smith Micro provides an online Support Knowledge Base on all of the most common issues and accompanying solutions. This is the fastest and easiest way to get most issues resolved.

2. Incident Support - Please contact our Customer Support Team by logging in and setting up an incident with us. This will allow you to correspond directly with a support representative through our support site (offering several benefits over email).


Missing or Misplaced Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers are necessary for most Smith Micro products to function. Serial numbers are issued at the time of purchase for Electronic Download orders and included in the shipment for Physical Shipment orders. If the customer does not receive a serial number in this manner, the customer needs to contact Customer Support immediately to obtain a serial number. Smith Micro will allow up to 14 days from the date of purchase to obtain your serial number in the event it was not originally received with your order. To receive a serial number, you will need to provide Customer Service with either your original order number (if purchased from Smith Micro) or a copy of your original sales receipt or invoice (if purchased from an authorized retailer).

When you install your product, you are asked to register the serial number. This is the only way we can track the serial number associated with your purchase and will allow us to assist customers who have misplaced or destroyed this information. If the software has not been registered and the serial number is misplaced after the initial 14 days of purchase, the software will need to be repurchased in order to obtain a new serial number. You can purchase a new copy at http://store.smithmicro.com.


Product Registration

Smith Micro requires that you register your current product prior to receiving support. Registering your product will provide you with a valid Support Number. If you're unsure whether you've registered your product, unaware of what your Support Number is, or simply have yet to register your product, please visit our Product Registration page. Simply complete the form provided. If you're already registered, it will provide you with your Support Number. If not, it will register your product and give you a new Support Number.


Support for OEM Products

Smith Micro sells software to many different manufacturers and wireless service providers. Smith Micro does not offer customer support for products purchased from companies which have bundled our software with other services or products. Most wireless carriers and other manufacturers have expert knowledge of all their bundled products and can assist you directly with our software.


Acceptance of Terms

By using our support services and by contacting Customer Support via email, online incidents, and chat, you are consenting to the policies described on this page and agree to abide by the decisions made by the Customer Support department.


Changes to the Customer Support Policy

Smith Micro may occasionally update, amend or change this policy from time to time and without prior notification. An "updated" date will be included on the top of this Customer Support Policy page. In order to remain up to date with Smith Micro's support policy, please check this page periodically.


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